GSM Field Test

What is it?

GSM Field Test is a specialized application for Android devices which allows to monitor a signal of GSM/UMTS network by displaying colored markers on a map. The colour of a marker depends on a level of GSM signal measured by your phone in a given location.


GSM Field Test helps to determine areas with the best coverage of mobile phone network. Result of its work is a map with a set of markers. Green markers are placed in locations with a high signal strength, red markers indicate that coverage is rather bad.

There may be two sources of maps: Google Maps or Open Street Maps.

The app needs precise information about location, that's why the GPS must be turned on. In other case markers aren't put on a map.

Map with markers can be saved as a PNG file to a SD card. Other way to save results is to export markers as KML file (for Google Earth) or CSV file (comma separated values).

Supported languages

  • English
  • Russian

Please, help to translate the application user interface on other languages! Mail to


  • Q: Why does the app work incorrectly on Dual SIM phones? A: Android provides data only about the SIM plugged into the first slot.
  • Q: Can the app show channel number/frequency/timing advance? A: Unfortunately Android SDK doesn't provide this information.

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  • 1.6 (released 2014/02/13) - New design
    - More data for a marker
    - Export to CSV
    - Bugfixes
  • 1.3 (released 2013/05/29) - Work in background
    - Bugfixes
  • 1.2 (released 2013/05/14) - Bugfixes for LTE devices
    - New menu icons
  • 1.1 (released 2013/05/05) - Support of OpenStreetMap
    - Cell strength is displayed over a map
    - App is available on Samsung devices