Turn smartphone into a scanner of cellular and Wi-Fi networks!

Turn smartphone into a scanner of cellular and Wi-Fi networks!

This site contains Android applications for monitoring of wireless networks. Install our applications to get more information about Wi‑Fi and cellular networks.

Monitoring of wireless networks is becoming increasingly important today. This task can be easily solved by smartphones but users need to know more than just a strength level icon in the status bar. Fortunately there is a simple solution of this problem!


Here you can find solutions for getting detailed information about GSM/UMTS networks. Applications on this site are designed for Android OS, with their help your smartphone will turn into laboratory for measurement of cellular network signal.

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Meet GPS Monitor! The app displays detailed information about visible satellites and location data provided by navigation systems. Here is the full description of the app.


WiFi Monitor 2.0 released! The GUI updated, filtering by band added, list of access points now can be sorted, scanning of devices was improved. Now it is even easier to control your wireless infrastructure! Full description of the app can be found here.