Meet Cell Signal Monitor! This is new name for the applications called GSM Signal Monitoring. Besides the name the app now has new feature: it supports Dual SIM phones! Now you can monitor two mobile operators simultaneously. Here is the full description of the app.


Wi‑Fi Monitor now can scan devices in connected network. Find out who is using the same Wi‑Fi network!


New version of Wi‑Fi Monitor is released. The update has an important feature: Channels chart. It helps to estimate mutual impact of network signals on neighboring channels. And of course a lot of bugs were fixed. Download version 1.6 from Google Play!


New application Wi‑Fi Monitor Pro is published on Google Play. This is a paid version of Wi‑Fi Monitor and contains no ads.


Meet Wi‑Fi Monitor! The brand new application for monitoring of Wi‑Fi networks is published on Google Play!

The app displays general parameters of Wi‑Fi networks: identifier, BSSID, security protocol, equipment manufacturer. It will help you to find open networks with the strongest signal.

Turn your phone into a mobile laboratory for Wi‑Fi monitoring!


All applications are updated! New versions of GSM Signal Monitoring and GSM Field Test have new user interface and become more stable and functional. Check updates on Google Play!


The new version of GSM Field Test is available now on Google Play!

The app now has the following improvements:

  • new design
  • more data for a marker
  • export to CSV
  • bugfixes


GSM Signal Monitoring 3.0 is available now on its page on Google Play!


GSM Field Test 1.3 is available for downloading from Google Play! The app now has the following features:

  • work in background
  • support of LTE devices
  • new icons in menu

You can download GSM Field Test 1.3 from its page on Google Play.


New product is available now: GSM Field Test! Now you can create your own map of mobile network coverage. The app puts coloured markers on a map according to a level of GSM/UMTS network in your location.

The app has the following features:

  • visual representation of cellular network coverage;
  • small size
  • export of map as PNG file
  • export of KML files
  • can be saved on SD card

You can download it here.


The version 1.02 of GSM Signal Monitoring is now available. Release includes minor bugfixes and translation to German, Portuguese and Norwegian.