CLF files

What is CLF?

Cell Signal Monitor uses CLF files containing information about mobile network cells. CLF files were used in some Nokia mobile phones for logging cell data: Cell Id, LAC, MCC, MNC, location etc. Cell Signal Monitor can import CLF files as a source of information about cells locations. The apps support CLF files of version 3.0.

CLF version 2.0

Lines of file have the following format:

CellIdCell identity (hexadecimal)5 digits
LACLocation Area Code (hexadecimal)5 digits
MCCMobile Country Code3 digits
MNCMobile Network Code2 digits
<TAB>tabulation character1 character
DataData about a celltext


239731EF26202<TAB>City Square

CLF version 2.1

Files have the same format as in version 2.0 but CellId and LAC are stored as decimal values.

CLF version 3.0

This format uses more information about cells. Lines have the following format (fields are separated by a semicolon):

MCC + MNCMCC and MNC (without spaces)
CellIdCell identity
LACLocation Area Code
RNCRadio Network Controller
LatitudeCell latitude
LongitudeCell longitude
DataData about a cell

CellId and LAC can be decimal or hexadecimal.


26202;07812;03101;00000;45.894375;31.51312;0;City Square;0